About the Conference

General Exhibition Benefits

Our exhibition space does not only offer world-class on-site and virtual exhibition booths but also come with the following added benefits:

  • Full festival tickets for delegates from your company's space. You will have access to all HREA events for exhibition at a discounted rate.
  • The Work Festival allows your brand to build a network of prospects from around the world through the attendees’ database.
  • You will have access to HREA virtual events with exhibition booths where you can advertise to subscribers
  • Get 3 months free HREA subscription service: Here, subscribers will be eligible to attend virtual classes on our online community platform and have access to additional 3 months of content, learning and virtual networking with speakers.
  • Develop the professional life of your employees
  • Opportunity for Strategic Partnerships with participating organizations
  • Opportunity to deliver value to business partners and relevant stakeholders
  • Over 2000 attendees will download the Virtual Work Festival App and will have products information also loaded in their phone
  • Access to our in-hall lounge with complimentary coffee, and light refreshment during the exhibition (on-site booth only)
  • 24-hour internal and external exhibition hall security (on-site booth only)
  • Access to the list of registered new media and traditional media personnel (on-site booth only)

Why Exhibit with us

The Work Festival Exhibition Centre has everything you need to showcase your business to our audience. This includes well-positioned booths to maximize engagement and great exposure that includes your brand being featured in the festival guide.

  • Brand awareness: Your company profile on the exhibition website will be projected into the global view as part of our marketing campaign for the event. Your Company will be listed and profiled across our publicity platforms including the festival Website.
  • Gather feedback and industry opinion: This is a flagship event attended by a broad spectrum of professionals. Take advantage of the chance to garner their views to help you steer your business in an optimum direction for the market.
  • Direct Marketing: The structure and schedule of the exhibition, as well as the many participating delegates from far and wide at the exhibition, represent a great platform for direct marketing of your brand’s products and services.
  • Networking. The spacious and cozy exhibition hall, which will play host to participants from across Africa, is a great platform for networking. Your company will be in a prime position to network extensively and build valuable relationships.
  • High-Value Mailing List. A comprehensive post-exhibition mailing list of attendees will be made available to your company upon request. This will provide substantial support to marketing and sales objectives

The exhibition floor is also free for walk-in participants, meaning apart from the projected festival audience, more visitors are expected to fill the hall, thereby exposing your brand to even more potential clients.